Reasons to Delay Solids until 6 Months or Older

Our older two kids started baby foods at 4 months old but were formula fed. Our third is 3 months old and I am not sure if he will start at 4 or 6 months yet.

There are some reasons to delay solids for infants until 6 months or older:
- Recommended by pediatricians and other health organizations to delay solids for infants
- Wait until the cells lining the baby's gut has closed helps prevent many allergies, gas, rashes, and medical issues
- Waiting helps to also lower incidents of stomachaches, diabetes, obesity, and ear infections
- Breastfeeding for at least 7 months shows decreased rates of anemia
- Your baby is less likely to choke even with purees, when baby is older, and can sit up on his or her own upright. Babies shouldn't be fed while leaning back
- Baby's gut does not produce enzymes to aid in digestion until 3 - 4 months old, and ones that break down more complicated fats won't be produced until 6 - 9 months, which could mean a lot of gas, constipation, vomiting, and wasted nutrients before then. 
- While some babies might be ready between 4 - 6 months, it's shown to be safer to wait until at least 6 months old.
- Wait until your baby can hold and pick up food and place in their own mouth


  1. Our doctor told us that years ago, too. Our son was born with a cleft palate, so even the liquids were hard.

  2. I waited till my boys were 8 or 9 months I think because that is what our pediatrician said to do. I figured he knew best.

  3. With our first baby, we were so excited to feed her solids. I waited longer and longer with each subsequent child.

  4. I remember looking forward to when the baby would start eating solids, but it took a while. I tried to wait till the latest recommended age just to make sure there wouldn't be digestion issues.

  5. This article was very informative. My daughters pediatrician suggested to start her on solids around 4 months to get her used to it by 6 months. I tried a couple times but she was not fully ready. We stopped and continued exclusively breastfeeding as usual and will start solids again at 6 months.