Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding Vs (Formula) Bottle Feeding

I was asked to write about Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding (Bottle). I have done both, so I can give some insight into the topic and give other information. This is *not* a debatable topic nor is it meant to be. Parents always will choose what is best for their baby / them as a parent.

Pros of breastfeeding:
- Has antibodies, no bacteria
- Milk is produced in correct porportions
- No risk of allergic reaction
- Always the correct temperature
- No additives / preservatives 
- Builds a strong bond between mother and baby
- No cost / preparation (unless you choose to pump/bottle feed your milk)
- Breastfeeding triggers weight loss in mother sometimes

Cons of breastfeeding:
- Maybe painful the first few weeks until you get use to baby's latch
- Mother always is present

*While breastfeeding / breast milk is best for baby, not all mothers are physically able to nurse or produce enough milk for numerous reasons, so there is always formula to use. It's a small percentage that can't truly nurse or produce enough, as there are a lot of ways / foods / drinks to intake to increase your milk supply, to make it possible.

*For formula, our older two kids were formula fed and I wish I would have breastfed them, but can't go back in time to change it.

Pros of bottle (formula) feeding:
- You might be more aware of baby's milk intake
- Others can help feed baby
- It might contain supplement vitamins and minerals 

Cons of bottle (formula) feeding:
- Not cost effective - You have to buy formula (expensive), bottles, and bottle brush
- Bottles have to be washed and sterilized after each feeding
- Formula is not always ready
- More likely to get illnesses 
- It doesn't contain living antibodies and antibacterial that breast milk has
- Risks of wrong mixture


  1. You have given some good points for both options, and it's definitely a decision best left to the family depending on what works for the.

  2. This was such a great post for those women who are trying to decide what is best for them and make an informed decision. I breastfed both of my sons and it was a great experience. We did use bottles and formula when we needed to but mostly they nursed. I also let them self wean, both boys nursed until just over 2 years old.

  3. I think it's always about what is best for the family- for us we breast feed for 3 months- and after that made the switch to formula. It worked beautifully for our family but it's not necessarily for everyone. I actually can believe how rarely my daughter gets sick (especially because she's a daycare baby!)