How to get Baby on a Sleeping Schedule

I was asked to do a blog post about how I got our son on a sleeping schedule at night. The answer is simple.. I didn't. I learned after my first two kids that babies will put themselves on a schedule for sleeping; I don't need to wake my sleeping baby unless he was not back to his birth weight.

I didn't get him on a night schedule at all aside from he gets an 11pm bottle of my milk. He is fully breastfed, but I do pump once or twice a day (unless I forget - there's some in the freezer) for a night bottle. He has had a bottle once a day since we came home from the hospital. At the hospital, I wasn't even offered a pump to use or bottle I guess because people assume if you're a stay at home mom you have "no need" to use a bottle if breastfeeding. 

Well, I do it because he seems to sleep better when he has a bottle; I'm not sure why because there's nothing in it but my milk that I pumped. So, in essence you don't NEED to get baby on any sort of schedule aside from what time you're going to feed him or her before you put baby down to bed. Our son is 11 1/2 weeks old, and he has slept from 11:30 / 45pm until 5:30 or 6am for several weeks now, possibly even a month because I haven't counted. He was sleeping 4 hours a night at 2 weeks old. He put himself on his own sleeping schedule. When he wakes up, he nurses and once he's done and is burped I lay him back in his bassinet for an hour or so, and we go back to sleep til our older two wake up then it's time to nurse again. 

My first two kids were formula fed, so I thought that I needed to literally set a clock every 2 hours until they were 1 month, every 3 hours until they were 2 months old, and every 4 hours until 3 months old; so they slept all night at 3 months old. I found out, I should have let them sleep until they woke up telling me they need a bottle.


  1. My boys were formula fed, too, so they were both sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old. I was psyched.

  2. My son was formula fed too so he slept through the night starting at a few months old, it was the getting him down to sleep that was the challenge for us.

  3. You are really lucky that he's such a good sleeper. My kids got to that point, but not quite that early!

  4. I put my boys on a schedule as soon as we got home from the hospital. #1 was formula fed #2 was breast fed. They were both sleeping through the night (11pm-6am) after 4 days of being home. Having them on an eating/sleeping/waking/play time schedule makes life so much easier on the family and on the babies.

  5. Great insights! I am expecting and will keep these thoughts in mind for baby #2 :)