Back to School: Brothers All Natural

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Brothers All Natural in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Do your kids love fruits? Then they will love Brothers All Natural dried fruit snacks!

Our kids are about to start back to school in just a little less than two weeks, and what better snack to send them to school with to go with a lunch than Brothers All Natural fruit snacks? They're very good and our kids love to review these as we can partner with them on my blog. We let them buy their lunches when they want which is 99% of the time, but they can take a snack in their bookbag to eat then as well. These are very well priced when you buy them in the store, such as Walmart or even Amazon. Next time you go to either store, get one or two to give a try for yourself / kids! Please click HERE if you're interested in learning more!

On top of being able to review some awesome snacks for kids that are truly healthy for you, I got to review two fruity Oats which is basically oatmeal with dried fruits in it, that I heated up for 1 minute with milk in it as I use that instead of water to have a better taste for my liking. I loved the berry ones I received and had them for breakfast, and as a nursing mom oatmeal is quite good for you. I let my kids have one fruit snack bag each and they're agreeing to save the rest of them for when we're out and about and for school mostly. My son had the pineapple one and my daughter had the peach. They said that they taste just like the "real fruit", and I said they are real fruits! :) 


  1. We buy these dried fruit packs all the time. My kids love them in their lunches. I like the price point and that they aren't messy for road trips.

  2. Wow I have not seen these in stores before! I'm going to look for them - they'll be perfect for my kids!

  3. Oh yummy! I have never tried these or seen these in store before. BUT I like the all natural part and I am sure my boys would love them. :)

  4. What a great assortment of healthy snacks. These look good.

  5. Ooh- my kids would love these but I think my husband would love them even more! He is really big on dried fruit and I spy mango ones!