Baby Event 2015: My Baby Bubula - Diaper Pail

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from My Baby Bubula in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you expecting or do you have a little one in diapers? Then, you need this product to keep the odor out!

Our son is two months old and I have been using a open / close trash can with bags, but it is not odorless by any means. A blogging friend of mine told me about Bubula and I had to email them, because it looked like a nice product and one we could definitely use for awhile. I asked to review one in the color blue, and received it in the mail via UPS today, and am already pleased with it. The price of this diaper pail on Amazon is $89.99, which is well worth it!

It's very easy to figure out even if you've never had a diaper pail like me. It's quite heavy as the package I received was 14 lbs, but not too bad. It's fairly simple to figure out how to put the trash bag of normal size in place and the metal piece inside clicks when it's in place properly. In the photo below that I took, you can see that the blue piece lifts up. That's where you put the diaper that needs thrown away, and the other blue piece directly across from this one, you push on it and it drops the diaper into the trash bag. I have never seen one like this, so I find it pretty neat! It's made of steel, and comes in several different colors.

The next photo shows the piece where it drops the diaper down into the trash bag. It really is odorless like they advertise. So far, I have about 10 - 11 diapers in the diaper pail so I'm not positive on how many will fit in it, but it seems like it can hold possibly up to 20 - 25 diapers, before you'll need to put a new bag in it. This is easier to manage than the trash can I was previously using, that you can see behind this pail in the photo below.


  1. This looks like a great diaper pail! We've been looking for a new one and I'll have to check this out as I haven't loved the other brands we have tried.

  2. We used a diaper pail with our first kiddo but it was really nasty!! So when our second came along, we grocery-bagged each diaper and took out the trash every night. The Bubula looks like a great can.