Summer Event 2015: Glade - Candles, Candle / Wax Warmers, Plug In with Refills, and More!

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Glade in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Let the aroma fill the air with some amazing Glade products for the home!

I am so excited to do this review for Glade on my blog. If you know me, you know that I absolutely love candles and all things Glade. I have been wanting to work with them, so I emailed them. I received some new scents in the form of candles, as well as wax warmers and a couple of sprays as well. I was surprised at how much they sent and love everything. 

Candles from Glade always smell great, so I was excited to see what the scents were. Candles are a great gift option for upcoming holidays such as National Teacher’s Day (5/5) or Mother’s Day (5/10), as they offer an uplifting, long-lasting scented experience that is different from traditional flower arrangements.

Glade offers a range of 37 scents that evoke different feelings and empower you to feel the way you want to. Selecting a scent for your home reflects how you feel that day and how you want guests to feel when they enter a room.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom with an uplifting, long-lasting scented experience that is different from the traditional flower arrangements. Our go-to Mother’s Day scents include: Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® and Blooming Peony & Cherry™ - helping evoke relaxed and flirty feelings and empowering your loved ones to feel the uplifting feelings of spring at home.

Blooming Peony & Cherry: The bright and zesty notes of cherry and red fruit flirt with the charming, delicate notes of pink rose and precious peony. Relaxing scents of white woods and creamy musk balance the equation and set the mood for romance. Our new Blooming Peony & Cherry™ fragrance makes every breath feel pink and fluttery. 

Hawaiian Breeze: When cool ocean winds meet the scent of fragrant tropical fruits, pineapple, and plumeria, you won’t even have to leave the neighborhood to get lost in paradise. Our getaway begins with the scent of tropical pineapple, peach and melons. Hints of mango and red berry join the soothing aromas of warm beachwood and cream to really get the luau started. 

I received:
- 4 candles
- 1 candle warmer / wax warmer
- 4 sets of wax melts
- 1 plug-in with 2 refills
- 2 sprays

We got some wax melts to go with the candle warmer which is also a wax warmer as well. These smell SO good! It helps a lot especially if you have one room in your house that has an off smell, including a cat litter box to off-set the smell of it, which isn't so pleasant as you know. I have always wanted a Glade plug in warmer and got one with my review. It includes 2 refills, and let me tell you it smells awesome! I love it.

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