*Sponsored* May 27, 2015 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day!

*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment from Best Nursing Homes in return for posting about this information.

Did you know that May 27, 2015 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day? Well, it is and if you keep reading you'll learn even more!
Best Nursing Homes is  run by the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers (ASNP) a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about skilled nursing care. It's really neat that you can find a place that will actually help educate people in the public about skilled nursing care. Not everyone knows what they are doing when it comes to taking care of the elderly, but this non-profit organization sure does, and we need more people like them in the world! 

It can be a tough thing to have a loved one in a nursing home, but if you find the right one you can be more at ease with your decision to find professional care for him or her. Make life easier as a whole for them by finding the best one possible for them.

“We are very grateful for the leadership of John Sorensen in the post-acute care industry. John is a leader in his field, a generous philanthropist, and a great example of someone who places serving the patient above anything else. We are proud to be associated with John and North American Health Care and grateful for his support to promote best practices in skilled nursing.” – Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Association for Skilled Nursing Providers


  1. I think it is so important for our seniors to stay active. I love it when I see elderly people out for a walk or something like that.

  2. I love that they have one place where you can look up different nursing homes. I think having nurses behind it would make it more reputable.

  3. I'm glad that nursing homes recognize the importance of fitness for seniors... because physical fitness is important for all of us, especially as we age.