Stepping Stories: Balancing Time & New Sibling Book

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Stepping Stories in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Do you want a good way to explain to your child about things, such as balancing their time on a computer or adapting to a new sibling?

I know that our son loves to play Pokemon on his Daddy's computer after homework is done, so I decided to get the book for him about Balancing Time, which can be found HERE! If you'd like to get the E-book version, the price is only $5 but for the personalized print book it's $15. I have read it a few times to him and he seemed to like it. Books like these are such great learning tools for kids in elementary school who enjoy having a book with their name in it, while also learning some things in the book along the way.

I couldn't find one that fit our daughter very well, so I got her the one about Being a New Sibling, and she loves it! You can find the book about that, HERE! She's very excited about getting a baby brother and become a big sister, finally! The prices with this book are the same as the other, so if you want an E-book, it's $5 and if you want a personalized print book it's $15. 

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