Need a Sponsored Post done or want Advertising? Email me!

Prospective companies seeking sponsored posts or advertising services:

I wanted to make a blog post to let companies / sponsors know that if you need advertising done or would like to have a sponsored post written about your business, to please email me at . Please read to see my rates for each option! I have no limit on how many companies I am looking to work with, so if you need advertising, email me with the subject of Blog Advertising / Sponsored Post.

Right now, I am offering these low prices for advertising on my side bar in the form of a photo linked to your site. 

Ad space pricing for sidebar:
All pricing will make it where your photo is linked and is the second on my sidebar on the right, where my readers will see it immediately. I will also do a weekly shout out to the sponsor's business, on my Facebook or Twitter. Payment can be made to Paypal and is required upfront before ad will go live.

3 Months: $65
6 Months: $115
12 Months: $215

Sponsored Posts:
Pricing is final unless you need me to allow a lower rate, but that is on a case by case basis. Payment for sponsored posts is to be sent via Paypal within 24 - 48 hours (weekday) of the post going live. I promote my sponsored posts once on social media - Twitter, Pinterest if image is provided, and Facebook. 

Posts can be original content if you provide appropriate information about the company and anything you want me to know about it to let my readers know about. I also accept pre-written sponsored posts including up to 3 links to your site. You can include up to 3 photos as well. 

Pricing is below for sponsored posts.

$50 - 200 word post - can include 1 link to your site and 1 photo
$75 - 300 word post - can include 2 links to your site and 2 photos
$150 - 400 word post - can include 3 links to your site and 3 photos

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