Cushie Pillows: 4 Pillows

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Cushie Pillows in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Do you travel a lot with or without kids and are looking for the perfect resting pillow or neck support pillow?

I have always enjoyed neck support pillows and microbead pillows. I found the company Cushie Pillows and decided to contact them in regards to doing a review. I found these pillows on their website and just had to review them!

I received 2 Microbead travel neck pillow with plush side to review, in blue and purple. I ended up giving our niece the purple one and our son kept the blue one. They both love the pillows. These can be found and bought here for $13.99 per pillow. 

I also received two travel pillow SpunGee which can be found here and here for only $14.99 & $15.99 per pillow! I love these pillows, more so the blue / brown polka dotted one. They have a specific scent to it which I have always liked in these type of pillows. These pillows are called microbead cushie roll pillow with polka dot pattern ($14.99) and microbead travel pillow spungee brown.


  1. What gorgeous pillows! I love fun and colorful patterns :-) More than anything though I really appreciate a super comfy and supportive pillow, especially when I'm traveling.

  2. We have several of the tube like ones - LOVE them. We use them all the time. Midge has one that she carries everywhere she goes LOL SUPER comfy!