Costume Reviewers: Candy Necklaces, Ring Pops, and One Cake Pan

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Wholesale Party Supplies in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

What do you like best about birthday parties? Yes, I know me too - the cake and candy!

Our kids love candy and I found just the ones for them to share with me, from Wholesale Party Supplies! Well, first off I found what our daughter would love and our son ended up liking them too and that is a set of 24 candy necklaces you can order on their site for only $6.99! We received these about a week or so ago and still have quite a few left, so these will last awhile and would make a great addition to a party favor bag for a kids' party.

Do you remember back in the day when Ring Pops were popular and the "in candy" to always buy? Yep, I sure do and I actually found a big variety flavor bag on their site, so I knew I had to review it! They also only have 60 calories in them per pop which is great. They make great pinata fillers! Feel free to  Like Wholesale Party Supplies on Facebook to see what great new items they have coming out!

I also remember the mixed berry type of Ring Pops and imagine that they were mixed into this bag they call the party pack! Now, I had not had any Ring Pops in what seems like YEARS, but as soon as I got our package I just had to eat one of these! They're still just as delicious as they use to be when I was a kid / teenager. Our kids have enjoyed these once a day as well. You can order the Party Pack of Ring Pops on their site for only $8.99 for a pack of 10! These will be a huge hit at a kids' birthday party I'm quite sure. 

Last and certainly not least is the One Cake Pan which is made especially for your little one's first birthday. We're expecting a little boy and this is being saved aside for his first birthday, even though I know it's quite a while away! At least we will have it, and I intend on writing his first name on it once the cake is baked as well. You can buy the cake pan on their site for only $12.99! We didn't do the number one cake pan with our other two kids for their birthdays.


  1. Ring pops! What memories. I had no idea they sold them in party packs. I think I need to find an excuse to get my hands on some of those! :) I love the cake pan, too.

  2. I used to love those candy necklaces! I'm sure the 1 cake would be really special for that first birthday