Birthday Express: Unicorn Invitations, Candies, and Frozen Lip Gloss Favors

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Birthday Express in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you planning an upcoming birthday party and need ideas for your child? Keep reading to see a few things that Birthday Express can offer you!

Our daughter's birthday isn't until October, but I always like to have a head start when it comes to birthday parties for our kids so I got these items for reviewing from the awesome party company known as Birthday Express. They have ALL of your party supply needs!

Our daughter will be 7 in late October and she loves ponies, so I found these cute unicorn invitations found HERE! They come in a pack of 8 invitations, so I got 4 sets of these as she has many more people that will be invited than just 8. She helped pick out which ones she wanted to have for her birthday when the time comes. These are $3.99 for each set of 8 invitations that you order! 

The next product that I chose to get for her party was some Frozen lip gloss party favors which can be found HERE! These are a set of 12 Disney Frozen lip glosses, which is $8.99! These are great for girls of all ages to enjoy as a party favor! The designs are Elsa, Anna, and them together. Our daughter loves Frozen things still, so even if the theme isn't Frozen, it's always a nice addition for party favors.

The next set of products I received will be used for her party and just as a snack before then. I grew up eating Pop Rocks, so when I saw that they had Blue Razz pop rocks found HERE, I had to ask about them as well. My kids love Pop Rocks too, so this is a fun one to get. I got a total of 36 packets of these. The price of these for a set of 12 is $9.99 on their site! Pop Rocks are always well worth the price in a flavor you love. We tried a couple packs, and they're a great flavor!

The final product I received from Birthday Express is an 18 oz bag of gumballs that can be found HERE! I absolutely love gumballs and my kids are old enough now to where they can have gum and chew it sometimes. The price of a single bag of 18 oz gumballs is $4.99. If you choose to order a set of 8 bags, it would be $39.99 in value to order. Sometimes, I wish I had a gumball machine to put small gumballs in, but I don't. These will also be added into party favor bags.


  1. I found some pop rocks on a candy site a couple years ago, but forgot which one it was. So glad you shared this - I want to get them for our next birthday party!

  2. The FROZEN lip gloss is super cute! My niece would get a kick out of those!

  3. How cute is this, it would be perfect for my niece's party.

  4. Those unicorns are so cute, I would have loved those invites when I was turning 7! I have a boy turning 6 in August, so I'll have to check out what they have!

  5. I love unicorns. I would totally use those invitations for my own party!

  6. Oooh Unicorns!!! My daughter would love these!!!