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*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment from Tenantify for posting about this.

Landlords, you will be glad you read this post! Verify your upcoming tenants for free!

Here's a free way for landlords to be able to verify tenants information before accepting them as your tenants! The tenant pays once they complete the verification process, and it's quick! I have no idea what method landlords usually use for verifying information, but our last landlord before we moved took less than 4 hours to tell us to come sign lease papers and the house was ours to rent. I don't think she verified the job my husband had at the time or past references but one or two, which is pretty unprofessional but it was a nice house for 2 years. This is an easy and free online verification process for landlords to use.

They can easily verify income and employment information and enter it into the website to get verification. How easy is that? If you're a landlord or rent out a home, then give this website a try HERE! I know that if I was a landlord, I would want to make sure that upcoming tenants are being honest with me and be sure to verify their information before just accepting them as a renter of the home. If you're a landlord, I hope you will take the time to try this service out and see how you like it vs the way you usually verify information.

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