#Disney: Cinderella movie is well worth it. Go see it with your daughter(s)!!

This post is in no way sponsored or part of any Disney posts that were asked to be posted. I am writing this post to promote this awesome movie, Cinderella as a mom of a 6 year old who LOVED it!
Today, we went with a group from Girl Scouts to see the new Cinderella movie. I wasn't really sure what to expect because I had not promoted it A LOT really, but did enough to know the actors. It was awesome! 

I absolutely loved the acting and the girl who played Cinderella did a fabulous job at her role and it fits her well! Our daughter had only seen animated movies of Cinderella, but she said she really liked it. The evil step mother and sisters were well played too in this one compared to the other "real life" Cinderella movie that came out years ago which was played by Brandi. I really hope to own this one on DVD / Blu-ray when it comes out. 

I highly recommend you to take your daughter(s) to go see it if you can. I know they'd enjoy it, especially if over the age of 4 or so. 


  1. I agree Cinderella is sooo good! I love the message of have courage and be kind!

  2. We totally agree. I adored the live action version and the messages about kindness in it!

  3. I believe that whatever threads of a movie story are created must reach a satisfying conclusion. So many movies fail these very basic tests of what makes a story great. But Disney movies always deliver a satisfying conclusion.