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Our Company:
At Vivant Organics we dedicate ourselves to health and beauty products that are naturally derived and chemical free. All our products have their nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants) intact in their natural state. Our products have no preservatives, coloring, binders or fillers. They are chemical free. You can buy the product HERE!

Our Product
I am introducing our pure organic, ivory 1lb (16oz) Shea butter

With our pure organic ivory Shea Butter you can say goodbye to dry skin, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis for good. It moisturizes baby's skin and heals diaper rash. It stops itchy skin and heals sunburn. Reduces and fades wrinkles. Reduces scarring. Heals cold sore and bedsores. Stops muscle fatigue, aches and pains and moisturizes dry brittle hair making it shine and glow. Our pure organic unrefined Shea Butter is such an excellent moisturizer and skin healer because it contains a high percentage of stearic and oleic acids which moisturize deep into your skin and restore body oils that have been lost from using soap, hard water, or from harsh weather. Shea butter also contains Vitamins A, E and F (omega 3 and omega 6 fats). Each of these vitamins is great for its skin healing and protective ability, and together in Shea butter they further nourish your skin, making it healthy and leaving it glowing and youthful.

Vivant Organics Shea butter is the best moisturizer for your hair and skin. 

Our shea butter organic is not grainy and does not scratch skin. All nutshell debris is removed by filtering for a soft, pure shea butter.While most popular brand name moisturizers are a combination of chemicals, our pure, unrefined Shea butter is derived from natural, organically grown shea nut trees. No chemical is added during the extraction process.We always love to ask our customers: which would you rather have on your body everyday, a moisturizer that is pure, natural and edible, or a moisturizer that is mixture of chemicals some of which are known to cause cancer? 

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