Fox Home Insiders: The Best of Me Blu-Ray

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from being part of Fox Home Insiders as part of this campaign.

I received the movie known as The Best of Me on Blu-Ray as part of being a Fox Home Insider. I had heard a lot of great things regarding this movie, as my mom absolutely love all of the Nicholas Sparks books and the movies she's seen of his titles thus far, and I found out I'd be reviewing it, so I was very excited to see what all it was about!

Well, do you love romance movies? I do sometimes, but this one isn't like most. It sparks your interest from the beginning and you won't want to walk out of the room for any of it. It's a great story about true love, where the girl in the story, her boyfriend ends up in jail for quite awhile and she was told by him at one of her visits to see him to not come back and he didn't want her to wait for him because it's going to be a long time. Long story short, she ended up getting married and had 2 kids. The former boyfriend got out of jail, and she ended up hooking up with him (while married) and told her husband about her lying and hiding it, and he is a drunk so he was mad already, but did not seem to really care much. 

Well, one of her kids had passed away, and then her teenage son had heart issue and needed an immediate heart transplant. The former boyfriend was driving I'm not sure where, when these punks were trying to get him to get hit by a train, and he stopped the truck and listened to her voicemail saying I love and miss you, I want to see you. He noticed a man in a truck behind him, but he didn't see his gun. Well, he got shot and died. The hospital notified the parents that a heart had become available and he was rushed into surgery (her son). I'm not sure how much longer later, he called his mom from college one day saying he found out who had donated him the heart, and thought she might know him as they are from the same town and age. He told her the man's name and she said yes I know him, and started crying. Her son told her he'd like to learn more about the man who saved his life when she had time to tell him about the man.

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