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*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment in return for writing about Crystal Wash on this blog post.

They have a revolutionary way to clean laundry, naturally! Now, I know I enjoy doing things naturally especially with washing clothes.
Everyone has to do laundry, and we want to make it both new and exciting. Crystal Wash is something that works and we can make doing laundry easier for you, better for the environment and at the same time save you money. What better way to save for your family! I know for myself, I am allergic to a few different detergents, so having a more natural one to be able to choose from would be a great option for a lot of people to have as well I'm sure! This way, you can clean laundry with NO detergents! 

We think Crystal Wash could be a great story here for these reasons:
- Innovative gear – 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume. We’re an amazingly efficient and natural way to do laundry.  I know a lot of detergents have different chemicals and perfumes in them that can be harmful to some, if allergic. 

- Get connected with your laundry. Our new Crystal Wash 2.0 will work seamlessly in the background to learn about and monitor your laundry, while you go about business as usual.

Some NEW Connected features are:
- Wash complete alerts
- Re-charge alerts
- Savings tracking
- Wash pH levels
- Wash cycle tracking stats
- Stain guide
- Label decoder
- Crystal Wash

Check out a video regarding Crystal Wash HERE! They have a Kick Starter campaign starting SOON!

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