Daycare - Yes or No?

I was always the parent who was like NO I will never put my kids in a daycare, ever UNLESS I were to work there on the same shift my kids were in daycare. 

Well, that actually was what occurred, in mid 2013 til April 2014. I had to work for about 9 - 10 months or so during those times and had a friend who's mom was the director of the daycare, and I applied and got an interview and got the job soon after. I was upset that I was having to put my kids (5 and 6 at the time) in daycare, but I did what I needed to. 

They LOVED it there, and so did I! My daughter was in their pre-k class and my son was in their after school class since he was school age and then by August they were both in the after school.  Not all daycares are bad in any way, a lot have a great reputation for their teaching and class ratios, etc. So if you have to work, try one and see how your child likes it.

I worked in the infant room from August 2013 - April 2014, and then in August I worked in the infant 2 room which is for older infants. I loved working with the babies / kids, they were a lot of fun to care for and teach, as I was an assistant to the main teacher. I would love to work in daycare again if there was one closer to us or if we move back to my home state sometime. I had an amazing boss and co-workers were great to work with as well. 

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