Christmas Guide: Hasbro - Ultimate Easy Bake Oven

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Hasbro in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Remember having an Easy Bake Oven as a young kid? I know I do. And now, I can share this memory with my daughter as she will now have her own!

Of course, this is for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas, so we haven't opened it yet but I'm sure she will be excited to be able to help me bake the recipe that it came with, and order more to be able to make with her too. This looks like a greatly re-done version of the easy bake I had as a kid. I loved mine and had a lot of fun baking things with friends and family in it. The special edition color of this oven is to celebrate their 50th anniversary of Easy Bake cooking fun! This oven comes with a baking pan, pan tool, and a chocolate chip cookie mix. The mix makes 12 chocolate chip cookie bites.

The price of this Ultimate Easy Bake Oven is $49.99 in value on their website. I highly recommend this to all parents of kids over age 5. My daughter is 6 and will be using it with parental help of course. The age says 8, but she is well under 8 years old and I'm sure will love it. You have to supervise your child while he or she is using this, as it's an electric toy and please remember to unplug it while not in use. This would make a great Christmas gift for kids who love to help in the kitchen.

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