C-Sections Vs Natural Births with or without an Epidual

This is another topic that sometimes gets blown out of porportion, depending on the circumstances that surrounded the reasons of the birth choice that the mother made.
I know that for myself, I had two epidural births and that unless it is an ABSOLUTE emergency, I will not get a c-section because I just see no reason for it unless baby or mother are in danger or baby is breech or something major like that or increase / decrease in heartrate.

There are a lot of moms who just say "oh I want a c-section so I don't have to deal with contractions and labor and all that stuff". Well, labor and contractions are a normal part of life and there's no reason to opt to have surgery unless your OB or midwife tell you that you'll need to do so for your baby and your own safety. I don't think that people should just be able to decide it off the bat just to avoid a vaginal birth or pain, because in reality you will take a lot longer probably to heal from a spinal / epidural from surgery, and stitches or staples, etc. 

Just my two cents though, I am not at all against a C-Section if it's truly needed.

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