Fox Home Insiders: Peabody Time Egyptian Party

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from being part of the Fox Home Insiders program with Fox Home Entertainment

Do you like to go back in old times and play around with the idea of pretending to be from another country? Me too.

We got selected to host a Mr Peabody and Sherman party in our home for Oct 18. We had fun, and got some good snacks to go with the popcorn for watching the movie as well! This is a very cute movie which is great for kids and all family members. 

We decided to do some paper Egyptian necklaces which could be similar to what the Egyptians wear, as that is the time period we were given for this party post.  Fox Home Insiders provided a gift card to Walmart to buy supplies for the party, in which I bought beads, snacks, glue, glitter, construction paper. My daughter more so than son loves to do crafts, so she had a fun time helping make the necklaces out of construction paper. 

They provided cups, plates, and napkins, and of course the movie. My kids had a fun time with this party we had at our home. The party pack included: plates, napkins, a plush dog, a figurine of Sherman, a tin lunchbox, paper cups, and a Walmart gift card to purchase the supplies / snacks for our party. 

I absolutely love working with Fox Home Insiders on these fun opportunities that are presented. This is a family fun movie, that is on Blu-ray and DVD. This movie is about the characters of the 1960 animated TV series known as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. As you may know, Mr Peabody is a talking dog and is the smartest being in the world. As a pup, he finds orphaned infant named Sherman whom he legally adopts under the name of Sherman at age 7. He teaches him a lot of stuff he will need to know.

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