Extended Rear Facing Vs Forward Facing a Child at age 1

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Also, feel free to share this post to spark some conversation between moms and bloggers. This is a friendly topic as are all the ones I'll be posting. No debates or arguing is needed. Definitely only posting to help other moms out on new recommendations from AAP.

I have been doing a lot of research over the past few months even before I found out we're expecting baby #3, and decided that we will very likely be doing the extended rear facing for this baby past age one, which in the long run is much safer for child in case you were to be in an accident. I know of some moms who kept their kids rear facing til 3 - 4 years old to the maximum weight limit for rear facing, but I personally won't past two years old for this baby.

My kids are 6 and almost 7 years old and back then there weren't the extended rear facing is safer guidelines or AAP recommendations, so I had no idea about it until after our kids were really in booster seats. They were forward facing at the 1 year and 23 lbs law that we have in PA. It is recommended in the past few years to Extend Rear Face your child in many if not all states to at least 2 years old. 

There ARE plenty of car seats that you can find (not cheap) that will rear face to like 4 years old. No, I will not likely rear face past age 2, but hopefully we do until 2. We'll see once we get there. I bought an infant car seat on Amazon brand new of course while it was on a great sale for $58, known as the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat in the Surrey color of green. 

It can rear face from 5 - 22 lbs, then we'll need to get an all in one car seat or I will get one for review like I have in the past. My husband wanted us to get an infant seat, so we can carry the baby around in stores not have to use cart and what not. It's just easier til baby is too heavy to carry in a car seat. 

Did you choose to turn your child around at the minimum before you knew the recommendations in the past couple years, or did you choose to extend rear face your child?


  1. Yes, I forward faced at 1 year with my older daughter. She's fine, but I'll go with the new regulations with my younger daughter. :)

  2. my sonny boy was a big kids-so I turned him around as he looked like he was getting squished--good topic

  3. My daughter was really big for her age and outgrew her rear-facing car seat around a year old. I had her in the 90s and there weren't as many options for babies back then.