Breastfeeding Vs Formula Feeding - Which did you choose to do?

We all know this is a wide topic of discussion on a variety of social media. What are your thoughts on this? Friendly comments welcome as I am for both :)

Yes, I said it - Which did you choose for your child - formula or breastfeeding?

My own kids - For our son, since he was 6 weeks early, I decided to pump my milk for about 3 weeks and then he went on formula - I never nursed though. With our daughter, she was formula fed. I just didn't really get too fond of the idea of breastfeeding my kids, so I didn't. 

With this baby, I fully plan on nursing him or her but no longer than 1 year old. I know a lot of moms who choose to nurse longer, but that would be my limit on age for my child. Yes, breast milk is best, but in reality NOT all mothers have the physical ability to nurse their child whether they want to or not, so they have to formula feed. 

There are moms who will try telling you to use donor milk, but personally I wouldn't feed my child someone else's milk. I don't know about you, but that's a choice I would make. I have a double electric pump that I will be pumping milk so that our kids and my husband are able to help feed baby if they'd like to sometimes, but during the day I will nurse and bottle feed my milk at night very likely. 

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