Sponsored Post: Using Life 360 During Trick or Treating on Halloween!

*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment from Life360 for writing this post about their app.

Have you heard of the app Life360? Well, here's what you need to know about it.

You can use this app known as Life360 to be able to stay in touch with your trick or treaters, whether it's with the parent that is out with the younger kids or if your kids happen to be older and go alone or with friends and no parents on Halloween! This app is pretty neat on how you can be in touch with family members just at the touch of a button on your smartphone. As you can tell, Life360 makes it easy for you to communicate without pesky phone calls or texts, and it also removes the friction of checking in.

The goal of Life360 is to make family life easier while also making sure that parents have a peace of mind without feeling like they're being overbearing. The circles in the app allow you to create separate groups of people, so you can communicate with more than just your immediate family. You can even create a temporary Halloween Circle if you'd like to simplify communication in any group.

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