Pregnancy Update: What to Expect at the First Prenatal Visit

I go for my first prenatal appointment tomorrow, in the early afternoon and was told it could take up to two hours as I am a new patient. I know for a fact that I will be getting blood work done and talking with a local nurse organization that checks up on mom / baby during pregnancy, as well as getting an ultrasound to date my pregnancy exactly to a due date.

So, what do you normally expect to occur during your first OB appointment?
- Ask about your healthy history 
- Other habits that could have an impact on your pregnancy
- Genetic and birth defect history
- Explain your options for prenatal genetic testing
- A thorough physical
- A pelvic exam including a pap smear, unless you've had one recently 
- Urine sample to test for possible UTI or other conditions
- Trans-vaginal ultrasound to date your pregnancy 
- Blood tests to test your blood type and RH status and multiple other things
- Check for anemia
- Test for immunity of chicken pox
- Counsel you and let you know what's ahead


  1. I don't remember what was done at my first visit. It's been so long. The good news is that I don't need to learn anymore since I'm done having kids. :)

  2. The urine versus blood test is interesting. It can give a good date too.