Pregnancy Update: How My First Prenatal Visit Went

We went to our first prenatal appointment and it was very long, but that is normal I just forgot. We waited about 20 minutes or so and then were called back to the ultrasound room for an internal ultrasound since I was 8 weeks 2 days pregnant, and heard the heartbeat too.

The tech said I am correct on how far along I am - 8 weeks 2 days on Thursday October 23, but that the baby is measuring at 9 weeks which may mean he or she is a little bigger which from the picture we got on the screen, that is definitely what I see! But, everything is great with baby and the heartbeat was 166 and I have a due date of June 2, 2015. I am very excited now that we've had our appt, and it's more surreal that we're in fact pregnant again. Our kids are very excited as well. I have a small cyst on left ovary, but nothing to worry about as I had one with both my pregnancies, and it goes away with time.