I'm trying to cut back on soda completely now

Does anyone have any ideas what to replace my Dr Peppers for? I do like Ginger Ale and with being pregnant it's a much better alternative to caffeine for sure, and water of course. 

I know that soda isn't good for you at all, let alone when you're expecting. I am almost done with the ones I have at home, and won't be buying anymore for a good while. I do enjoy juice and water sometimes. Any ideas are definitely welcome.

My husband and I go to Sheetz on Wednesday nights while our kids are in Awana at church and get a blueberry banana smoothie. I love fruits, so we got me some strawberries and bananas today from the store. I also got some Disney princess gummies, because I can't hardly swallow the tablet / gel caps I had bought in prenatals. I take 2 of those to equal out to a prenatal dosage vitamin.

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  1. I like to mix fruit juice with club soda. You get the bubbles of soda with the goodness of fruit juice.You might like this!