Fun Time of Halloween Activities!

Usually we just buy a pumpkin, carve it and make pie out of it and then on Halloween we take our kids trick or treating. 

This year, both kids are having a fun thing going on at their school which sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm excited for them! On October 30, they will be having a Halloween party followed by a PARADE! Sounds like so much fun. 

They get to take their costumes to school with them and change when it's time to walk in the parade. Our daughter is going to be Anna from Frozen and our son is likely going to be Spyro from Skylanders. My husband and I get to go to the parade, so we're looking forward to it with them. They're pretty excited about going trick or treating too. 


  1. Just make sure you pick up the right child! LOL I think 99% of the girls are going to be Frozen Characters!

  2. I'll be honest and say I've never even tried carving a pumpkin. This year for Halloween I just don't feel as excited. A party and a parade however sure does sound like fun! :)

  3. Halloween is a fun time of dressing up and enjoying candy/pumpkins for sure!