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*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post that has some pre-written content. I am receiving compensation for posting this for the company. 

Do you or a friend / family member have a wedding coming up that you need floral design help with? Please keep reading if you are, because it will save you time and money!

All about the Founder of the company:

The idea for Bloominous began a few months before their wedding on November 2012.  They were working with a fairly average wedding budget.  Among the many expenses in this budget were flowers for the ceremony and reception. He was expecting $500-$1,000 to be a reasonable budget for flowers.  To their dismay, the florists they had visited all quoted between $2,000 and $4,000 for their arrangements. Pretty rediculous I'd say!

The vision of Bloominous is to make DIY wedding flowers beautiful, affordable, and easy. 
- Beautiful: Our in-house wedding florists have created floral designs for an average of over 10 years and understands wedding design trends. We test different designs and only curate the best. We also constantly refresh our collections based on customer feedback. 
- Affordable: We design, pack, and deliver "DIY Kits" of wedding floral collections at prices 30-50% off what brides would be able to buy from their florist. 

Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous

Bloominous has beautiful floral arrangements to choose from for less than what you can buy elsewhere, so go see for yourself why you should order from them.

There are three advantages of using Bloominous for a wedding / event:

1. Cost Saving:
With Bloominous, brides will be able to save anywhere from 30% to 50% off their original floral budget.

2. Easy DIY:
Most DIY floral services don't send prepped flowers, but ours come cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed, so brides save time AND money

Each kit comes with step-by-step photo instructions for easy assembling within 10 to 20 minutes per piece, as well as flower care products and design tips.

3. Quality, Professional Design:
All collections featuring specialty flowers are designed florist with 10+ years of experience in event and floral design. Check it out at Bloominous .

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