Fanny Foozle: The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival App for Apple, Kindle, and Android!

*Disclaimer - I received a free app for my kids from Fanny Foozle in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

This is a pretty cute app for preschoolers mainly, that allows kids to read along or click the I want to read button for the book application. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, so this was downloaded onto my phone through Google Play Store, and it took less than 2 minutes to download and it was ready to go! The e-book Fanny Foozle Fun app and Fanny Foozle Pop game are all FREE in the iTunes store, while only the e-book is available in the Android and Kindle store (it's $1.99 for Kindle). 


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You will come to a screen when you click open app that will say FANNY FOOZLE The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival, and under it there are 2 buttons to choose from, one says I want to read and the other says Read along. I clicked on both, and the first one I decided to do is the I want to read. It's really easy to do and is a great way for kids to learn how to use a smartphone for apps, as it has small arrows on the side of the page, so that the child can click on the down arrow to keep reading or the up arrow to scroll back up to the previous line. The second one I did was the read along button, so I clicked on it and a girl with a bubbly voice starts reading to us, and to move along to the next part of the story you will need to simply click on the orange arrow to flip the page of the e-book.  It has some nice musical tones to the app as well as a fun way to teach kids to read a silly and fun book they have likely never heard before. 

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