#BacktoSchool Shopping at Walmart!

This post is in no way sponsored or paid. I went shopping with my family earlier and we bought quite a bit of school clothes for our kids! They had a fun time with it as well!

My kids are going into first grade (son) and kindergarten (daughter) and of course needed to go get some new school clothes, and since we got our tax refund back we decided to go today since it's tax free weekend. They had some pretty decent deals on the shirts and outfits that they both got. 

My daughter is now in a size 7 / 8 girls shirt and 6 pants / jeans, so she was fairly easy to find the clothes for. My son is a 7 pants and jeans, and a 8 boys shirt. For my daughter, she and I were looking EVERYWHERE for Frozen shirts, and the shelf it was suppose to be on, had none left so that was a bummer. We did however find a pretty Frozen dress with Elsa and Anna on it, as well as a handful of other clothes. She loves shopping for clothes, of course she's a girl! My son got some shirts, jeans, and shorts for school as his clothes he had this past school year still fit him. My daughter basically only had mostly play clothes, so we had to get a lot more for her.

I also shopped for myself and got jeans, a few shirts, and a purse / wallet. All moms deserve to go shopping for themselves once in awhile, right?

Have you finished school shopping for your child yet?

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  1. School starts here in 2 weeks and I haven't even started yet. I plan on doing it all next week. Hopefully I get it all done.