5 Hour Energy Campaign: Enter the Yummification Video Contest! Alicia's Yummy 5 Hour Energy Recipe!

*Disclaimer - 5-hour ENERGY provided me with product and a gift card in order to facilitate this review / post.

What is my recipe for the 5 Hour Energy campaign?
I decided to use a strawberry lemonade mix and make it into a quart's worth to enjoy for a few days, and added the pink lemonade 5 hour energy shot of course. Let me say how DELICIOUS this is! I absolutely love pink lemonade, and the combination is a great one to use. I named it the Alicia's Yummy 5 Hour Pink Lemonade with Strawberry Lemonade Shot Drink!

I first had a 5 Hour Energy Shot in pink lemonade in April 2014 when I drove 8 hours to my husband's home state and it definitely works with keeping you awake for 5 hours and not feeling over awake. It has a great taste to it, but is a lot better when placed in another simple drink, NOT carbonated or alcohol of course.

The 5 Hour Energy Yummification Video Contest!
Enter the Yummification video contest right HERE!! The video needs to be of you creating your very own delicious 5 hour energy shot drink with one OR two drinks, not soda or alcohol mixed with the shot of 5 hour energy. The video needs to be 60 seconds or less and explain the contest as well as your recipe of the drink you created and a unique name for it! By entering, you are entering to win your SHARE of $100,000! How easy is that and what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go enter your video! The main rule of this contest is that you can NOT verbally mention or show beverage logos or names unless it's a 5 hour energy product of course. The rules upon entering give you a list of approved and unapproved beverage products that can be mixed with it!

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  1. I did not know that it came in pink lemonade. I am going to have to give it a try.