Brand Castle: Baking Collection

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Brand Castle in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

I know my kids enjoy helping me out when I bake cookies and brownies, don't yours? Check out my Brand Castle review below. Everyone loves to bake some sweets, right? Start here.

When I was told that I could work with the amazing company known as Brand Castle, I could imagine what kind of fun baking my kids and I could do together! These are the seasonal baking items that are available right now for me to review on my blog for this company and my readers as well. My family are big fans of brownies and cakes, so these were great! 

To see what sweet delicious goods I got for review, please keep reading! 

Review of the Mummy Coffins- Brownie Baking Kit:
This kit is a great one to be getting kids to help you bake some awesome and fun brownies for Halloween. You can buy these at a wide variety of retailers both online and in store. These are a lot of fun to mix, bake, and decorate with kids! My kids are 5 and 6 and loved these. Try out the mummy coffin brownie kit to have some fun brownies to decorate for Halloween.

Review of the Hello Kitty Caramel Apple Kit:
Do you have a daughter? If so, then this kit would be great for you to buy for her to make with you. My daughter is 5 and loves Hello Kitty products, so I knew this would be a big hit with her. It's a bit messy sometimes, but that is part of baking! This awesome kit comes with pink caramel, roasted peanuts, Hello Kitty face embosser, printed bow attachments and sticks. This kit makes 5 caramel apples. This item is Kosher Dairy.

Review of the Blooming Cupcakes Baking Kit:
My daughter and I were the main ones who had the fun in baking this kit, as it's more "girly" in some ways as it's a planting like theme, but of course it's fun for all ages and delicious! This set includes 6 oven-safe silicone flower pots, 1 chocolate cake mix, vanilla frosting mix, daisy sprinkles, green sprinkles, and a pink icing pen. What an awesome set to get for kids! This is a great set to teach kids how to bake and have fun while doing it.

Review of the Soft Pretzel Kit:
I love soft prezels of all kinds and flavors, so this was great that I got to review this in the set of baking kits from the awesome company known as Brand Castle. I wasn't sure how exactly to roll out and make these pretzels, as I'm not use to using dough but I figured it out by reading the directions. This mix inlcudes enough dough mix to be able to make 6 - 8 large pretzels. 

Review of the Salted Caramel Brownie Mix:
My first one to try out to review was this one, the salted caramel brownie mix. I have had salted caramel as shakes, but never on brownies so I definitely was looking forward to enjoying this sweet treat. My daughter helped me mix this one, and the mix fits perfectly spread into our 9 x 9 cake pan, and cooked very well. The caramel comes in a packet that you need to heat in the microwave for about 1 minute. It will be hot, so be careful but put it directly onto the hot brownies for the best outcome and taste! Add the salt that is included in the kit.

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