Wendy's Bloggers: Wet Brush

*Disclaimer - I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for The Wet Brush. I received Wet Brush products to facilitate my review. 

My review of the brushes received:
I received a set of brushes for a campaign I'm part of for Wendy's Bloggers Program. The brushes in my eyes are just like any normal brush, other than the fact that the bristles are softer for kids hair. Other than that, I don't really see a difference. It's a little easier to be able to brush my daughter's hair with. My hair, it doesn't really do much other than make it poofier which I'm not sure why it does. You can use these with wet hair of course as that's the main use for them. The small round one is a good one for on the go use. I received blue and yellow colors of brushes. My daughter uses both. 

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We received:
Two Wet Brush Classics
Two Wet Brush Squirts
Two Wet Brush Pops
One Wet Brush Paddle

The brushes received are:
- The wet brush classic - it's the easy brush to use on hair if wet or dry
- The wet brush squirt - has a small handle easy for a child to use and easily fits inside of your purse
- The wet brush pop - Comes in handy and is a quick compact brush that can fit inside of a small bag / purse. It has a cute mirror in it as well
- The wet brush paddle - This one is my favorite due to the fact that it's the large brush out of the pack we received and is easy for me to use. 

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