Peeps: Summer Flavors of Peeps!

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this review from Peeps in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you a big fan of the awesome marshmallows known as Peeps? I know my family is, especially in the spring and summer time! 

Review of the Peeps I received:
I received a few different flavors of Peeps and my favorite is of course the vanilla creme Peeps. My kids love the bubble gum flavor and then the chocolate creme minis. My family has always loved Peeps, even when I was a kid and I'm now 28. The originals of course are all time favorites, but I love the new flavors that they come out with throughout the year, and at a price I can afford! Peeps are always so affordable to get, but usually we buy them in the spring for Easter and then in the summer. Peeps are a great on the go candy like snack for kids and adults to enjoy, but be sure to bring a wet washcloth or wipe with you as they're sticky. My kids love marshmallows, so these are definitely a big hit in our house! 

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