Moderna Housewares: Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Moderna Housewares in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

I am a big fan of Ozeri and Moderna Housewares products, so when I heard I could work with them on a review, I was very excited. Are you needing a need pan? If so, keep reading.

Review of the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri:
I absolutely love the pan that I received from the amazing company known as Moderna Housewares which has Ozeri products as well. I cook a lot of eggs, mainly over easy eggs for my husband and kids for breakfast. I was very excited to get a brand new pan that can be *my* very own egg pan! I love this pan and how easy it is to cook with, as well as how easy it is to clean after each use. So far, I have used it 4 - 5 times and love it! I highly recommend this green earth pan by Ozeri as a pan to use for everyday breakfast cooking needs. You of course can cook any meal or meat in this pan, but I specifically only cook breakfast foods in mine. Ozeri is a very high quality and popular brand of cookware. I love this one pan because of how easy it is to use on an everyday basis for family meals, as well as anything else you want to use it for with cooking. I also love the handle as it's easy to grab and hold onto, and if you have a rack for pans to hand from in the kitchen, it will fit fine on it as it has a hole on it at the end.

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