Marque Communications: Zoli Baby, Itzy Ritzy, and Zoobug Products!

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Marque Communications in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you nursing? Do you have a small child who eats on the go snacks? Does your child love sunglasses? Does your child need a cup, purse, or thermos? If so, check out the review below!

Review of the products I received:
I am extremely excited to bring this review to you as I was very surprised with how much products I received from this PR company for 3 awesome companies! I have 2 children and they have a lot of use from quite a bit of this stuff that I received. I have a friend who will love the nursing scarf. My daughter is 5 and was very excited to get the purse which is insulated to be used as a small lunchbag, as well as the snack bags which will be used for goldfish and fruits. The cup and thermos will be used by my daughter when she goes to school in the fall. I am going to be using the wet bag that I received, for my mama cloth pads. My son and daughter will be sharing the sunglasses that I received in this set of products.

Some of the products are by Zoli Baby - nursing scarf, the Bot which is the sippy like cup with the straw, and they also sell Gummy Sticks which is for teething. The next company I received some products by is Itzy Ritzy - wet bag, snack bags. The final company that I received some products by is Zoobug - kids sunglasses for kids up to 12 years old. I absolutely love everything that I received in my package and highly recommend all 3 companies to be ones that you make your baby and kids purchases from for those specific products that you maybe looking for.

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