Zookaboo: Farm Animals - Unicorns Wet Bag & Orange Minky Dot Lovey

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zookaboo in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Review of the One Side Handle Custom Made Unicorns Wet Bag:
I have been really interested in reviewing or buying a wet bag as I've started to use mama cloth pads and it'd be the perfect place for me to "hide" them away from my kids throughout the month. I love how stylish this wet bags are and that they come in cute designs as well, like unicorns the one I chose to get for review. I love how spacious the wet bag I received is. It will work good for the simple use of cloth pads, until I choose to have another child where I can use it for cloth diapers. It can have multiple uses of course for cloth diapers, wet clothes, etc. 

The price of this wet bag is $19.99 and is well worth the price. It's a pretty big bag and is easy to zip open and closed. It has a easy to use cloth handle like piece to it. The size of the wet bag is 14" x 16" and is even PUL (waterproof) lined on the inside, and has a 100% cotton print on the outside. You can easily attach these to a stroller or hang it on a doorknob for easy access to the bag. 

Care of this wet bag: 
- Machine wash
- Tumble dry low to seal any holes made in PUL during sewing 
- If you want to extend the life of the PUL lining, simply line dry the wet bag

Review of the Farm Animals Orange Minky Dot Lovey: 
I have quite a few friends who are expecting as well as have babies under 4 months old, so this adorable farm animals lovey will go to one of them in June. Right now, it's being loved on by my 5 year old's baby doll. I love how much detail goes into these adorable little minky blankets, and this one is a bit smaller of course as it's a lovey. The one side of the lovey has a very soft feel to it and is orange, while the other side of it has a handful of farm animals pictured on it. Zookaboo did an amazing job when she put this one together for me. You can tell by the appearance of the outside of the lovey and all of it as a whole that a lot of time went into making this. I wish I would have known about these cute loveys when my children were babies, because I would have definitely bought them both one to love on.

The price of this adorable lovey is only $18 on their website. I highly recommend this product for moms of babies who love to hold onto things or for a small toddler who has a lovey they like to take everywhere with them. The measurements of this lovey is 18" x 18".

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