MAM Baby: Anti Colic bottle, Pacifiers, Pacifier holder clips

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from MAM Baby in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

MAM Baby is a very well known maker of baby products, more so of anti-colic when it comes to bottles as well as good pacifiers for specific age groups of babies. The thing I like most about MAM is the fact that they are an honest company with truly good products.

Review of the anti-colic bottle:
I am giving all of these items to friends at the daycare I use to work at. I had one baby who was about 5 months old when I left in April who used one of these bottles and let me tell you, they're pretty neat and work well to prevent bellyaches for little ones who have to have a specific formula. The bottle comes with a lid in case you want to use it; if not then just throw it away. The thing I like most about this bottle is that it has the oz numbers on the side and it takes a good while for those to fade away.

Review of the pacifiers / pacifier holder clips:
I received 3 sets of pacifiers, two of them being green which are good for 0 - 6 months and are BPA free and are actually 60% thinner and 3 times softer than most pacifiers. MAM Baby pacifiers are well known for being good for colicky babies as well as babies who aren't. I received 2 pacifier holder clips with the pacifiers. Now these are really nifty to have. Being as I worked in a daycare center in the infant room, I saw a lot of these with the babies I cared for and MAM was the main brand they used. They can easily be clipped right on the child's bib or even their sleeper or onesie. The round part of the holder is where you slip the round middle portion of the pacifier into it and it pops into place.

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