Blog Challenge: Day 2 - 20 Facts About Me

Day 2 of the Blog Challenge is to tell you 20 facts about me, so here we go!

20 Facts about me:
1. I had my kids at 21 and 22 years old. They are a little under 10 months apart in age
2. I did gymnastics for 15 1/2 years of my life
3. I love blogging and doing product reviews for my readers, as well as my family
4. I worked in the infant room of a daycare center for 8 1/2 months
5. I have lived in Virginia and PA
6. I'd like to have 1 - 2 more kids
7. I love the TV show Law and Order SVU
8. I am 27, my husband is 39
9. I don't like living in the country where there is not much to do
10. I love being a stay at home mom, but I also loved my daycare job
11. I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years now and love it
12. I like to run to stay in shape
13. I have had knee surgery to repair a broken kneecap after my 2011 car accident
14. When my son is in 1st grade, my daughter will be in kindergarten
15. I am not very girly, nor do I wear dresses unless I have to
16. My kids love to go to the park and play 
17. I own about 11 seasons of Law and Order SVU on DVD
18. I love Christian music / concerts
19. I went to a Christian school all 12 years of my schooling
20. I have 3 cats

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