Working in a daycare center with infants

I work 33 hours a week in a Christian daycare center in the infant room. At first, I was dreading it because I was thinking "Omg, I am going to be changing diapers all day and hear crying all the time". But, I have been there now almost 8 months and I can honestly say I LOVE working in the infant room! I have grown very attached to one particular baby boy who is 8 months old. I started caring for him in the room when he started shortly after I did at 8 weeks old. He is my little buddy and is attached to my hip, literally! 

It's funny, but also means I spoil him big time because I hold him a good bit and always have. It's hard knowing that this summer, he will be moving up to the next room which is called Infant 2, which is for ages 10 / 11 months or when they become pretty mobile in moving around to about 16 months old. All I'd have to do is open the door to say hi and give him a hug, but still lol. 

I love my job and he makes it all the more fun and worth while to go to work every day. I work 11 - 5:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays and 7:30 - 5:30 on Wednesdays. It's long hours sometimes it seems like because I am still not use to really working yet, so it is a bit tiring but all in all I love it and my boss is nice and co-workers are great too. 

My daughter is 5 and is in the pre-k class during my hours Mon - Fri. She loves her classmates and teacher as well. My son is 6 and goes to the extended care class after he gets out of school. He has fun with his class as well. They both have never been in a daycare until August 2013, so I am thankful. I never want a baby of mine if I have anymore to be in a daycare, I will be a stay at home mom like I was with my two kids.

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