Pre-K for my daughter in a daycare

It was too late in the year for me to get approved for pre-k in the public school system, so I got her enrolled in the daycare pre- k class where I work. She loves it! At first and for a few months, I sent her all day but then after Christmas or so I decided to make the all day minimal unless she wants to. She now goes all day when I do on Wednesdays which is good with me, so I can spend time with her before work. She loves coloring me pictures on the half days, and on her full days she does actual classwork because they do the learning in the mornings, not afternoons. 

My daughter's pre-k teacher at the daycare I work at when she first started and was asked about if she knew certain things, said that she is VERY smart and knew more than most of the kids in her class actually except a few. It makes me very proud to have gotten her ahead in some parts of education, so she already knows things. 

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