Nemo the fish from the fair is still alive and well

There is a local traveling fair that comes each year, and this past summer we took our kids to the fair and played a game that won them a goldfish. If you know anything about me or fish, the ones we get at the fair NEVER last more than 3 weeks at most. Well, we got him in about July and it's now March so it's almost been one year now and he's gotten a lot bigger since summer time. 

We started him out in a small fish bowl and then got a 5 gallon tank and he seemed like he needed more room to swim around, so we got him a 10 gallon tank. While he may seem lonely, I am not taking care of more than one fish unless I have to so he's all that we're getting. I feed him twice a day about a pinch of fish food, before work and then before I head to bed.

Here is Nemo:

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  1. We won 3 fishes at a fair, Nemo is the last of the 3 and it's been since October! Maybe it's the name