Lionsgate DVD: Angelina Ballerina - Spring Fling

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Lionsgate in order to facilitate this review for my readers. The information provided in this post is pre-written content provided to me with the DVD.

Angelina and her friends put some spring into their step and beat the winter blues by trying different traditions from around the world. Angelina leaps into action to help Gracie get the credit she deserves and is paired up with AZ to create special posters with lots of school spirit. Elsewhere teamwork blossoms when the girls work with AZ to create a new style of dance so that he can rock "Mouseling Day". Spring ahead with Angelina as she enjoys friendship, laughter, and dance in these five, fun filled adventures!

Episodes Include:
- Angelina's Spring Fling
- Angelina and the front page
- Angelina and the new jeans
- Angelina's trick or treat feat
- Angelina and the poster

DVD Bonus Features:
- Angelina's stupendous dress up game!
- Get up and dance music video
- Featured run time is 61 minutes


  1. My daughter went through a stage where she enjoyed Angelina Ballerina. The episodes were always so calm - unlike some of the cartoons that were on at the time. Really nice series!

  2. My daughter recently got hooked watching Angelina Ballerina on Netflix. I think she'd enjoy this DVD.

  3. What did you think of it? I remember when my daughter watched these!

  4. I love Angelina Ballerina and this one is another adorable movie they came out with. I originally saw her on Roku which is kind of like netflix i guess. My daughter loves the movies!