Tech 4 Kids - Tech Rekon Advanced Battle Systems - Havok & Hammerhead

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Tech 4 Kids in order to facilitate my review.

Review of the 2 Tek Recons I received:
We aren't using these foam dart guns as game systems in anyway, so my kids are having a blast with them! I don't allow video games in our home as my kids are only 5 and 6 years old. The age on the box says 8 and up, but my kids do just fine with them. I tell them don't aim it at anyone and most of the time, they don't. The bigger of the two is pretty heavy in the weight of it. My son and his uncle have a blast using these guns through the house sometimes. The foam darts you get in this set are very small, so make sure you keep track of them and don't lose them. The Hammerhead one is priced at $19.99 plus P & H on their website and the price of the Havok is $20. These are very high quality products and I'd not recommend them to be used by kids under 5 for the smaller one and 6 for the bigger one. I give this set of Tech 5 stars! My kids love them.

How it works if you use it as a battlesystem:
From the website it says, "Get off the couch and into the game with Tek Recon, the newest and most realistic way to blast away with your friends. These blasters feature real triggers and recoil action using specially designed "NRG Rounds". Tek Recon blasters can powerfully and safely fire up to 75 feet, are reusable, and make no marks or mess.

To optimize the real battle and team experience Tek Recon has developed a free iOS and Android app that uses GPS technology to bring video games into real life! Once loaded the app provides an interface complete with interactive heads up display, live chat, and radar tracking. Simply attach your smartphone to the blaster, power up and play a video game styled battle with your friends in real life using a real, physical blaster!"

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  1. My boys got dart(foam Nerf type) guns for Christmas and are loving it! This looks fun!