Christmas Guide: Silly Shapes Lollipops

*Disclaimer - I received a box of the products in this post from Silly Shapes Lollipops in order to facilitate my review.

My review:
My kids and mom ate the lollipops I was provided with to review, and they got a big liking in my house. They all loved the flavors and had fun with the shapes they were made in. They were sweet, but not too sweet. Just right for kids of all ages.

Information about the founder / company:
The founder of this company is a college professor and the inventor of Silly Shapes “Geometry Pops” Lollipops, which are made by the Mom 'N Pops Lollipop Company (New Windsor, NY). I’m hoping to show “Kids of All Ages” that Math can be Fun and Delicious! Perhaps this is something that you would like to review. In what follows, I'd like to introduce you to the shapes.

Silly Shapes Lollipops: About Silly Shapes Lollipops

Who knew that Math could be Fun and Delicious?!!   Eight different geometric shapes with silly faces.

Product and product packaging:

Silly Shapes Lollipops come in 8 different geometric shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, circle and oval) with silly faces and pleasant colors. The pops are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and come in vanilla and chocolate flavors.
Ingredients: Sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), coconut oil, non-fat dry milk, whey, glycerol lacto-palmitate, soya lecithin emulsifier, natural flavors, pure vanilla, vanillin, cocoa, artificial colors (blue, red, orange and yellow).
Silly Shapes lollipops arrive in a handsome cardboard display box (with a perforated styrofoam insert and fold-up sign). Each box holds 24 (1 oz.) individually-wrapped lollipops (4 columns x 6 rows). Four different shapes are featured in each box. All 8 shapes would be found in two such boxes.

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