Christmas Guide: Nickelodeon - Dora: A Christmas Carol

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Nick Press in order to facilitate this review for my readers. Some of the information in this post is pre-written from the information given to me with the DVD, and some is my opinion of the DVD. 

My review of this DVD I received:
My daughter is 5 and loves Dora the Explorer, so I knew that this movie would be a good one to get for her to review for Christmas. She hasn't seen it yet, but I have to be able to do the review, and it's a cute one to watch. If you must know, Dora, Boots, and all their friends are dressed up nicely to go to a fun party when Swiper who Santa has warned if he keeps swiping he'll be permanently on the naughty list, tries to swipe the Christmas tree star. How mean is that? Santa of course comes to save the day! Dora and her friends try to help Swiper out by getting him off the naughty list, but will it help him? Find out by buying this movie!

Pre-written information about the DVD:
Santa has warned Swiper again and again that if he keeps swiping on Christmas he'll be permanently put on the naughty list – forever and ever. Dora, Boots and all our friends are dressed in fancy clothes, getting ready for the Nochebuena Party, when Swiper tries to swipe the Christmas tree star. Santa comes in to save the day, but it's the last straw. He tells Swiper: "I'm really quite sorry but have to insist you’re name is now on the naughty list." Dora has to do something to help Swiper, so she appeals to Santa. Santa tells us there is one way he’ll change his mind, and that is if Swiper can learn the true spirit of Christmas. Will he get off the naughty list? The answer lies in Dora’s friendship. 

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