Christmas Guide: Amplicom TCL 200 Digital Alarm Clock

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Amplicom USA in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% that of my own and may differ from yours.

Review of the Amplicom TCL 200 Digital Alarm Clock:
I have been needing an alarm clock lately, so that my alarm to wake my son up for school is a lot louder than my phone one is. This is a pretty nice alarm clock once you figure out how to use it correctly. It took me a good few hours to figure out exactly how to 1. get the English to work on it and 2. get it to normal time and not military time. It's a great size for dorm rooms. There are many locations to buy this alarm clock.

Information about the alarm clock you should know before buying it:

- Announces the time and the alarm time in 5 selectable languages (English, German, Spanish, French, or Italian). It is hard to figure out how to get the language to go from German to English. I had to get my brother in law to help figure it out.
- The alarm time is clearly displayed at a press of a button
- Dual alarm time setting
- You can connect your phone line to use as a ring amplifier or signaler
- Selectable ringtone patterns
- Wake up daily, weekdays only, or weekends only by a touch of a button
- There are 3 different alarm settings you can have to use: loud signal, vibration, or both
- Has an adjustable volume up to 90 dB
- It includes the connector cable and compact AC Adaptor
- Includes a wireless vibrating pad with on / off switch
- Snooze button with delay of 0, 5, or 15 minutes
- Adjustable tone control
- Includes batteries and power supply
- 80 hours standby for the cordless vibrating pad

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