Christmas Guide: Chillow Pillow

*Disclaimer - This review is part of my Christmas guide 2013 and I was provided a Chillow Pillow from the company Chillow in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% that of my own. 

My review of this Chillow product:
This Chillow Pillow is weird in my opinion and I won't be using it much. I was excited in hopes of it helping keep me cool, but it really only stays room temperature from the uses I have gotten from it, so I stopped using it and just flip my pillow during the night as needed. It's kind of complicated to start out with as you have to remove the lid of it and add water to it, and leave it sit for 4 hours, and then let the air out of it and seal the lid back up and use it as a pillow. It's very flat and doesn't give much comfort to your head. The price of the Chillow Pillow is $12.99 + shipping and handling on their website, and they have a deal that if you buy one, you get one free.

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