October 4: Domestic Violence Awareness

This post is going to be about domestic violence and control. 

My dealing with domestic violence in marriage has always been about control and if he didn't have that control, he'd get really mad. Since June 26 when I left, there has been times where I gave in and talked with him or what not, but lately I stopped it completely and he's losing the control he had over talking alone. Now, I will not go get kids after work alone, someone in my family will be with me. He likes control in almost every aspect of life and marriage too. It's really quite weird lately, because HE is totally against tube tying to not have more kids because he wants 8 kids, we have 2 together. I told him on Monday that I am completely done with him and no more talks or anything else unless it's to do with my kids. He since last week has asked 4 times if I will go get my tubes tied. I said nope I am a healthy 27 yr old mother of 2, I have no need for that and I am not being with you anymore so I don't need them tied as I am not gonna be with anyone for 3 or more years. I am too busy being a mom and working. He didn't like that. He was trying to be persistent. I won't give into a un-needed surgery, and I might want another child later down the road but no time in near future by any means. 

Does anyone else deal with a controlling spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? It's hard to deal with, especially once you have left the home. Be strong! Don't give in or up! 


  1. Wow I'm sorry to hear. I'm proud of you for being a strong mother to your children though. You have to look out for what's best for them and you and unfortunately he's not it. I actually just ran a 5k (my second one!) on Saturday to benefit an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse. It's a sad fact that it's so prevalent. And you're totally right...it's all about control!

    1. It's tough, especially when I still deal with nonsense off and on with how I am the wrong one for leaving etc, from him no one else. And thats cool!